Universal PU Leather Car Seat Gap Stopper

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 Universal PU Leather Car Seat Gap Stopper

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  • 100% GAP COVERAGE - IN FRONT OF, SURROUNDING, AND BEHIND SEAT BELT CATCH.  Attaches to the seat belt catch via built in slot; moves with the seat, no need to readjust or reinstall.
  • Blocks that annoying gap between your car or truck seat and center console
  • Each package comes with 1 CAR SEAT GAP STOPPER 
  • One size fits most vehicles! 
  • 4 different colors available.

    Prevent Dangerous Distractions, keep your eyes on the road, and never search under your seats again! 

    This product prevents phones, keys, loose change, jewelry, makeup, pens, gum, and more from falling down the gap between your car seat and the middle console.

    Product's PU leather outside is a completely adaptable gap blocker, almost invisible once you install it. You won't even know it's there. 

    It can be squeezed or stretched to fit most car seat cracks. 

    Brand Name: MISIMa
    Model Name: NONE
    Filling: Memory cotton
    Material: High quality PU leather.