10 Gemstone Roller Ball Dispensers For Essential Oils

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 10 Gemstone Roller Ball Dispensers For Essential Oils

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Embark upon a new essential oil adventure with these gemstone crowned roller bottles. Explore gem + oil pairings for an enhanced and enchanting oil experience. Start with your 10ml bottle, blend essential oils, fill remaining bottle with your choice of carrier oil, then apply gemstone insert
Peace Essential Roller Bottle Gemstones

  • AMETHYST Sleep + Healthy Body
  • RED JASPER Calming Tranquility
  • CLEAR QUARTZ Mind, Body, + Spirit
  • GREEN AVENTURINE Optimism + Confidence
  • FLUORITE Spiritual Harmony
  • TIGER EYE JASPER Vigor + Energy
  • ROSE QUARTZ Love, Peace + Positivity
  • SODALITE Emotional Balance + Clarity
  • LAPIS LAZULI Wisdom + Enlightenment
  • BLACK OBSIDIAN Healing and Grounding

*NOTE Each gemstone is natural + unique so slight variations in color and oil flow are normal.


Brand Name: yaye
Style: Feng Shui
Material: Crystal
Theme: Love
Is_customized: Yes
Color: Mixed
Material: Mixed crystal
Quantity: 10pcs
Stone type: Semiprecious Stone
Package: Bottles and box
Process: Polished
Bottle material: Glass

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